Evaluation of Leakage by Means of Night Flow Measurements and Analytical Discrimination.A Comparative Study.
Pumps, Electromechanical Devices and Systems Applied to Urban Water Management
Almandoz J., Enrique Cabrera Marcet, Gil J., Pellejero I.
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In this paper apparent and real loses of a district metering area of the San Sebastian´s water distribution network (Spain) are calculated by two different approaches. The first one is an analytical methodology recently developed by the authors based on the fact that real losses are pressure depending whereas apparent losses are consumption patterns depending. The second method is the widely tested methodology of the minimum night flows, an approach that during the last ten years has received a lot of attention, mainly in the United Kingdom. Although both methods share basic principles, the analytical approach requires the knowledge of the mathematical model of the network, being the calculations extended to the full day (24 hours simulation), while the minimum night flow methodology need a deep knowledge of the night consumption data as far as a deep knowledge of the system. The calculation is extended to the period of minimum daily flow (three hours). In the practical application presented, both complementary techniques show an excellent agreement.