Coupling Between Well Hydraulics and Pump Operation to Determine Unsteady Flowrates
Pumps, Electromechanical Devices and Systems Applied to Urban Water Management
Vicent B. Espert Alemany, López G., López P.A., Martínez F.J.
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In this paper the operation point of a group of wells yielding water from a confined or unconfined aquifer in unsteady regime is studied. The proposed model is a coupling between the groundflow equation in homogeneity and anisotropy conditions, and the equations for the pump operation point in the wells. A numerical model is elaborated that solves these equations to calculate the time evolution of the drawdown in the wells, and in any point of the aquifer, so as the pumped flowrates. This model is applied to a case of study with three wells pumping water from a confined aquifer, but the same model can be applied to any number of wells in confined or unconfined aquifers. The obtained results are useful in the design or management of well fields, when determining with realistic bases the minimum distance among wells to produce a given interference, or a reduction of pumped flow rates of acceptable value.