ISO 24500 standards as a support tool to manage assets
Strategic Asset Management of Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructures
Enrique Cabrera Rochera, Ellison D., Olivier D., Redaud J. L., Rorhofer K.
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The publication of the ISO 24500 series of standards may not provide direct tools to improve the management of assets. However, the documents could prove to be a valuable support tool in terms of improving the overall management of water services, and therefore the management of their assets as one of the key areas. This support would materialize in the definition of service levels, an improvement in the communication between the different stakeholders by providing a common vocabulary and a framework to define tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, the standards should help to clearly integrate the management of assets as part of the strategic policy of the services. Finally, the procedures defined in the standards should allow establishing objectives and defining performance measures to determine the success in reaching these objectives.