Analysis and design of hydraulic systems

In order to get reliable results from the mathematical models for simulation of distribution networks this requires a constant adjustment of the most uncertain parameters. The ITA has been working in this approach, improving the techniques enabling distribution of the loads (consumptions) from the nodes of the model, both as regards volumes registered and not registered.

Person responsible for this line: Jorge García-Serra García

This is doubtlessly one of the most important aspects of network modelling. The ITA has a major data base of individual consumptions allowing statistical simulations to be made in order to propose improvements in loading models. This technique is valid both for water distribution networks and for interior installations, which in this last case enables establishing reliable simultaneity criteria based on real data, necessary for making more accurate designs.

The analysis of the effect of users’ storage devices in the way distribution networks run and the study of their possible elimination is another aspect on which work is being done. In this case we are seeking protocols to find out in which cases and with what modifications to installations these can be replaced.