Transient Analysis and Water Hammer Protection
Enrique Cabrera Marcet, Dolz R., Izquierdo J., Barbany A., Onaindia L., Villarroel J.M.
Publish year
Hydraulic Machinery and Systems.20th IAHR Symposium
Place of celebration
Charlotte, North Caroline, USA
6-9 August
Transient analysis for different emergency scenarios for the biggest pressurized aqueduct ever built in Spain are presented. The duct is 70-km long, 1.6m in diameter and has a transport capacity of 11 cubic meter per second. It has been designed to supply quality water to the city of Zaragoza. The gross budget is slightly under 200 million USD dollars. The characteristics of the whole construction allows the application to a case both real and of great interest for several developments carried out by the authors, which have been presented in the two IAHR Conferences about Hydraulic Machinery and Systems previous to this in Charlotte. In particular, the subject of entrapped air was addressed in Singapore in 1998, while the selection of the optimum closure valve was considered in Valencia in 1996. This paper clearly evidences the important improvements that insightful analyses of the subject can offer. Also, the necessity of avoiding unexpected failures, especially for a big construction like the one object of this paper, is stressed.