Applied Hydraulic Transients for Hydropower Pants and Pumping Stations
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Journal of Hydraulic Research
Volumen 43 NĂºmero 3
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The final years of last century were rather prolific as far as books dealing on hydraulic pressurised transients is concerned. Among others, texts authored by Chaudhry (1987), Fox (1989), Thorley (1991), Betamio de Almeida and Koelle (1992), Wylie and Streeter (1993), Swaffield and Boldy (1993), Abreu et al. (1995) and Ruus and Karney (1997) were published. For this reason, and provided that this area of knowledge is well documented and established, no other additional books have been published in the past few years regarding basic transients analysis. However, there are some problems that demand more attention from researchers such as unsteady friction, cavitation, fluid structure interaction or hydraulic transients applied to leak detection, etc. And it is in this context that the book by Popescu and his colleagues appears.