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Benchmarking Water Services. Guiding water utilities to excellence.
Enrique Cabrera Rochera, Dane P., Haskins S., Theuretzbacher-Fritz H.
ISBN: 9781843391982 (2010)
Performance Assessment of Urban Infrastructure Services
Ed(s). Enrique Cabrera Rochera, Pardo M.A.
ISBN: 1843391910
Editorial: IWA Publishing (2008)
Gestión integral de contadores de agua
Francisco Arregui de la Cruz, Enrique Cabrera Rochera, Ricardo Cobacho Jordán
ISBN: 84-608-0539-5 (2007)
Integrated Water Meter Management
Francisco Arregui de la Cruz, Enrique Cabrera Rochera, Ricardo Cobacho Jordán
ISBN: 9781843390343 (2006)
Performance Indicators for Water Supply Services
Alegre, H., Baptista, J.M., Enrique Cabrera Rochera, Cubillo, F., Duarte, P., Hirner, W., Merkel, W., Parena, R.
ISBN: 1843390515 (2006)
PEDS 2003, Conferencia Internacional IWA-IAHR, Pumps, Electromechanical Devices and Systems
Ed(s). Enrique Cabrera Marcet, Enrique Cabrera Rochera
ISBN: 90-5809-574-6 (2003)

Capítulos de libro
Strategic Asset Management of Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructures
ISO 24500 standards as a support tool to manage assets
Effect of water costs on the optimal renovation period of pipes
Water Policy in Spain
Water supply in urban areas
Performance of Urban Infrastructure Services. The case of Water Supply, Wastewater and Solid Waste
Measurement Systems
Problemas resueltos de ingeniería fluidomecánica
Problemas resueltos de ingeniería fluidomecánica
Efficient 2005. Proceedings of the Conference.
Improving Efficiency of Water Use and Conservation in Spanish Hotels
Water Policy in Spain
Urban Water Supply
2004 Water Sources Conference
Urban Water Demand in Spanish Cities by Measuring end Uses Consumption Patterns
Proceedings of the Conference. International Water Association
Assessing the efficiency of efficiency programs. Benchmarking on water conservation schemes.
2nd International Conference on Efficient Use and Management of Urban Water Supply - Efficient 2003
Low-Flow Devices in Spain: How Efficient are They in Fact? An Accurate Way of Calculation
Advances in Water Supply Management (A. A. Balkema Publishers)
Setting the right water tariff for targetted standards of service
Pumps, Electromechanical Devices and Systems Applied to Urban Water Management
The Repair and Maintenance Costs Curve: Ways to Calculate it for a Medium Size Utility
Evaluation of Leakage by Means of Night Flow Measurements and Analytical Discrimination.A Comparative Study.
Air Valves Dynamic Behaviour
Reviewing Air Valves Selection
Benchmarking in the Water Industry. Basic Principles, Applicability and Methodology.
A New Approach to Assess Performance Indicators’ Data Quality
Coupling Between Well Hydraulics and Pump Operation to Determine Unsteady Flowrates
2002 Water Sources Conference
A computer simulation model to evaluate supply and demand side options in urban water utility management
5th International Conference on "Water Resources Management in the era of Transition"
Water Management Paradox in Southern Europe. The case of Spain
III Congreso Ibérico "Gestión y Planificación del Agua"
La gestión del agua en los países de la Unión Europea. Paradigmas del Norte y del Sur.
Regional Water System Management. Water conservation, water supply and system integration
Assesment and Performance Benchmarking of Water Utilities
Regional water system management. Water conservation, water supply and system integration
Assessment and Performance Benchmarking of Water Utilities
International Conference on "Efficient Use and Management of Water for Urban Supply"
Modelo para la evaluación de opciones de la oferta y la demanda en la gestión de un abastecimiento urbano
International Conference on "Systematich Approach to Leakage Control and Water Distribution Systems Management"
A new way to audit water networks
Enseñanza vía Internet / Web de la Ingeniería de sistemas y automática
Desarrollo de una aplicación multimedia para la enseñanza en recursos hídricos