Operation and maintenance of systems

The proper operation of urban water distribution systems is a concern for three reasons: first of all it is needed so as to guarantee that the users get service quality standards proper to a modern country; secondly because only with proper operation can such a valuable resource as water be managed; finally because it considerably affects the power consumption of the systems.

Person responsible for this line: Enrique Cabrera Marcet

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 Calculating the optimum level of apparent losses due to meter inaccuracies © 4.67 MB
 BOE 27_05_2009 Sistemas para el control de los volúmenes de agua en los aprovechamientos del dominio público hidráulico 565KB
 Tools for improving decision making in water meter Management (2009) © 1.14 MB
 The use of air valves as protection devices in pressure hydraulic transients © 476KB
 Hydraulic transients generated by bursts in a great length pipeline and study of its protection system using air valves and automatic valves © 326KB

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