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The operation of a water supply network is conditioned by the particularities of the different elements which form this, At the ITA laboratory there are all the resources required for hydraulically characterising valves, pipelines and diverse accessories, as well as for determining the metrological characteristics of flow meters and small and medium gauge meters.

Person responsible for this line: Francisco Arregui de la Cruz

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 Calculating the optimum level of apparent losses due to meter inaccuracies © 4.67 MB
 Potencial de un sistema de telegestión en red fija © 3.25 MB
 Las ventosas como sistema de protección en el arranque de bombas de pozo © 327KB
 Información adicional consultoría de contadores © 1.52 MB
 The use of air valves as protection devices in pressure hydraulic transients © 476KB
 Private water storage tanks. Evaluating their inefficiencies © 260KB
 Hydraulic transients generated by bursts in a great length pipeline and study of its protection system using air valves and automatic valves © 326KB

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 Tools for improving decision making in water meter Management (2009) © 1.14 MB
 Approaching water meter management from an Integrated long term perspective (2007) © 410KB
 La medición del agua. Ahorros obtenidos a través de un mayor control de los consumos (2007) © 2.83 MB
 Quantification of meter errors of domestic users. A case study (2007) © 332KB
 Reducing apparent losses caused by meters inaccuracies (2006) © 378KB
 Key factors affecting water meter accuracy (2005) © 370KB
 Velocity profile effect on Woltmann water meters performance (2004) © 738KB
 Contadores Riego (2003) © 793KB
 Dynamic behaviour of Air valves (2003) © 343KB
 Evaluating domestic water meter accuracy (2003) © 279KB