Finite element algorithm for calculating wind distribution in three-dimensional atmospheric boundary layer
Año de publicación
Fourth International Conference
Lugar de celebración
9-12 Julio
This algorithm is applied to the solution of three-dimensional atmospheric boundary layer equations in steady flow and neutral stratification. To do this we use continuity, Navier-Stokes and Reynolds stress equations in turbulent steady flow; to make the set of equations compatible we apply a second order closure method. We have adopted the Mellor and Yamada’s level 2 and 3 hierarchy models. To integrate the set on nonlinear differential equations we use the Finite Element Method, dividing the integration volume in isoparametric hexaedrical elements of eight nodes, and fitting the lower ones to the terrain profile. Applying the Galerkin Method to the partial differential equations we get sets of nonlinear algebraic equations whose resolution is achieved using successive substitutions by means of an iterative process. The algorithm we have developed may be considered quite useful in obtaining three-dimensional boundary layer models.