On-site training
Pressurised hydraulic system valves

This course focuses on any kind of valve of the sort used in pressurised water distribution systems for control, maintenance or protection. These valves may be used either for isolating one part of the system for regulation and/or protection of this.

Automatic valves, widely used in industrial installations and localised irrigation, are also used in supply systems, in order to ensure the improvement of supply conditions by controlling the basic hydraulic variables such as pressure, flow and water levels in tanks.

The course is completed with check valves, relief valves and vent valves, and it gives practical exercises enabling the most appropriate valve in each situation to be selected.

40 hours
Course contents
  • Valves in hydraulic systems.
  • General.
  • Isolation valves.
  • Regulation valves.
  • Motorised valves.
  • Calculations of hydraulic systems with valves.
  • Vent valves.
  • Check valves.
  • Automatic valves.
  • Protection valves.
  • Practical exercises on automatic valves and protection systems.
  • Examples of installations.