On-site training
Piping hydraulics

Particularly appropriate for engineers starting off in the world of urban hydraulics. Some basic knowledge of physics and mathematics is required in order to take full advantage of this.

The basics of fluid transport in pipelines are learned at this course, both in the free surface system (urban drainage) and under pressure (distribution of drinking water). These foundations enable piping to be analysed and dimensioned. The course also tackles other basic questions connected with pipeline hydraulics and the valves which enable regulation and control, or the material which ought to be used in each case.

20 hours
Course contents
  • Definitions and parameters characterising a fluid.
  • Basic fluid flow equations.
  • Calculation of pressure drops in pressurised conduits.
  • Basic calculations in pressurised conduits.
  • General points on distribution networks.
  • Free surface flow
  • Basic calculations in free surface flow.
  • General points on sewage networks.
  • Valves.
  • Pipelines.
  • Materials.
  • Adductions.