On-site training
Hydraulic Transients. Water Hammer

The study of hydraulic transients generated in hydraulic systems is crucial due to the important pressure oscillations produced when the pumps and / or valves change their working point. This affects the design of the system elements such as the thickness of the pipes’ walls and the mechanical resistance of the components of the network.

This course presents the fundamental calculations of hydraulic transients, divided in slow transients or mass oscillations; and fast transients or water hammer. For the latter case we also address the most common protection systems for hydraulic systems. These protections can reduce the amplitude of the pressure oscillations acting either on the disturbing element, or its effects once the disturbance has been generated. The use of computer programs facilitates importantly the calculation of these oscillations effects, while allowing the optimum design of the system components in a relatively short time.

40 hours
Course contents
  • Introduction to the study of hydraulic transients.
  • Slow hydraulic transients.
  • Fast hydraulic transients: Method of Characteristics.
  • Graphic method of Scheneider – Bergeron.
  • Hydraulic transients with column separation.
  • Hydraulic transients in complex systems.
  • Hydraulic transients generated by valves operation and pumps stop.
  • Direct protection systems.
  • Indirect protection systems.
  • Surge chambers.
  • Hydraulic transient analysis through computer programs