On-site training
Measuring and Instrumentation in Urban Hydraulics

The growing importance of use and effective management of an increasingly valuable resource such as water requires exhaustive control of the systems handling its transport and distribution.

There has to be a continuous follow-up of the state of diverse variables such as pressure, the flow in circulation along the conduits, the level in the storage deposits, consumption of users, etc.

In this respect, the course presents and describes the operation of different devices and details the techniques to be applied for a proper measurement of the physical variables which are most commonly involved in urban and irrigation hydraulics.

40 hours
Course contents
  • Basic concepts on Measuring and instrumentation.
  • Measuring pressure.
  • Basic concepts on flow measurement
  • Measuring flows in closed conduits.
  • Water meters.
  • Remote reading of water meters.
  • Procedure for evaluating the measuring error in the water meter system.
  • Maintenance and renewal of the meter system, going by technical-economic criteria.
  • Recording and storage of data. Systems for detection and location of leaks.