On-site training
Plumbing and Fire-Extinguishing installations
Plumbing and Fire-Extinguishing installations
30 hours
Course contents
  • Basic concepts.
  • Pressure drops
  • Pumping equipment.
  • Regulation items.
  • Hydraulic calculation of plumbing installations.
  • Examples of calculation of plumbing installations.
  • Examples of calculations of hot sanitary water installations.
  • Materials in plumbing installations.
  • Commonest pathologies.
  • Installation recommendations.
  • Fire prevention installations.
  • Systems for protection against fire.
  • Index of norms.
  • Installations for protection against fires.
  • Hydraulic characterisation of components.
  • Calculation of the reservoir tank of a pumping installation for a system of protection against fires.
  • Installations of fire hydrants.
  • Sprinkler installations.