On-site training
Analysis and Modelling of Pressurised Networks with Epanet

The first version of the EPANET Program was launched over a decade ago now (since 1993) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S.A.. This is a friendly, flexible and powerful program, with one very positive quality- it is free !

Also available in Spanish, it is an ideal tool for analysing, modelling and ultimately, designing networks. This course is completely applied (it must be given in an I.T. classroom) and for proper follow-up it is advisable to have the knowledge discussed in course nº 4, on pressurised urban networks. As can be inferred from its subject matter, most of the course is devoted to developing real practical cases.

40 hours
Course contents
  • Introduction to the analysis of networks.
  • Static simulations and simulations drawn out over time.
  • Models of water quality.
  • Modelling the network.
  • Physical components.
  • Hydraulic simulation.
  • Quality simulation.
  • Part I.
    • Characteristics of the program and way this is run.
  • Part II.
    • Preparation of the data and development of basic examples.
    • Practical examples proposed I. Interpreting results.
    • Practical examples proposed II. Interpreting results.
    • Practical examples proposed III. Interpreting results.