On-site training
Management of the Demand and Pricing of Water

This course covers the main concepts within what has recently become known as the "management of demand", based on the efficient use of water. It gradually tackles everything from the general directives of management policies from the demand side to the specific efficiency measures available and their characterisation.

A basic support for this type of action, as recognised by the Framework Water Directive, is the pricing of the service, which is why the last part of the course is on the study and design of main price rate structures.

12 hours
Course contents
  • Introduction: the management of water from the supply side (traditional) and from the demand side.
  • Management of droughts.
  • From the efficient use of water to programs for management of the demand.
  • Structure of a demand management program: planning, execution and evaluation.
  • Characterisation of the technical gauges of efficiency.
  • Economic aspects of water management.
  • Article 9 of the Framework Directive and its implications.
  • TPricing of the service: types of structures and procedures for their design.