On-site training
Pumping Stations

Practically all drinking water distribution systems include pumping stations, increasingly frequent in urban drainage systems too. This is the reason for the unquestionable concern about understanding the basic principles of these facilities.

Its content can be summed up in two major blocks: the foundations of centrifuge pumps and the particular details that using these entails (including the analysis of hydraulic transients in general and the water hammer in particular).

In order to take full advantage of the course one needs to be familiar with the contents of the preceding module on pipeline hydraulics.

20 hours
Course contents
  • Types of pumping stations.
  • General information on pumps.
  • Using pumps.
  • Installing pumps.
  • Hydraulic dimensioning of the suction tank.
  • The regulation of pumping stations.
  • Flow in transient systems.
  • Calculating the water hammer.
  • Transients in pumping stations.
  • Systems for protection against the water hammer.