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The information service offered by the ITA through this web is free. Not so the products offered via the web whose price will be those that ITA bid at any time. Some of the web services require prior registration.


Operation of the website and its services
The ITA does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the website?s operation, nor its services and contents. Whenever it becomes reasonably possible, the ITA will give prior notice of any interruptions in the service. The ITA will not be responsible for any damages or losses of any nature that could be caused due to the lack of availability or continuity of service of the Website, its services and content and/or failures in the access to different web pages.
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The ITA has no obligation and does not control the use of the web and its services by users and, therefore, does not guarantee that the use by them is in accordance with the law and to what is mentioned in this notice and any other condition established. The ITA is not responsible for damages or losses of any nature that may result from the incorrect, inappropriate or inadequate use users could make of the website or its services.
Own content
he ITA provides in good faith all contents included in the website by using information obtained from both internal sources (own development) and third parties. Based on the foregoing and on the size of the information that can be accessed through the site, the ITA does not warrant the total accuracy or updating of the data and texts available, although it makes their best efforts to make it possible. The ITA does not warrant the suitability of the website and its services for any particular activity or the suitability of the contents for any particular purposes; as a result of this, access to the Site and use of the information, contents and services contained therein, is conducted only and exclusively under the USER?s responsibility.
Product descriptions
The ITA tries to ensure that descriptions of their products for sale are as reliable as possible. However, the ITA does not warrant that product descriptions or other content of this site is accurate, complete, reliable, updated or free of errors. If a product offered by the ITA does not correspond to its description, it is possible to return it if it has not be used and / or opened yet.
Shipments made by the ITA are done through a contractual relationship with a recognized solvent company of the sector. The responsibility of shipments therefore lies with this company once the items have been delivered by the ITA.
Third parties contents
The ITA is not liable in any case, directly or indirectly, for any content, information, communication, point of view or statement of any kind users or any third person or entity may communicate, disseminate, transmit or show through the website.
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The ITA provides technical link devices, as well as links, directories or search tools that allow access to web sites managed by third parties. The ITA has no ownership on them and does not commercialize or offer their contents or services. Therefore, the ITA does not assume any liability of any kind, whether direct, indirect or subsidiary on the aforementioned web sites and their contents.
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